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Guard against the strong influence brought by subprime lending crisis

Mr. Ron Nechemia is a member of United Nations Investment Advisory Council (UNCTAD/ICC), he is also the member of the Advisory Committee to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and a member of China Sub- committee on WTO and Advisor to the G77 + 1. As a highly successful entrepreneur, he has a unique vision on the global finance integration brought about by new challenges and opportunities faced by the international community. “International Finance Magazine” interviewed Mr.

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Mr. Ron Nechemia: A Devoted International Civil Servant

Mr. Ron Nechemia is a founding member of the EurOrient Financial Group (“EurOrient”) and its various affiliate development financial institutions. He is not just a financial pioneer but is considered the founding father of private sector development banking. He is developing EurOrient into a full-fledged private sector global development bank, as it evolves from a mere project financier.

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Asset Securitization Revolution, Evolution, Devolution The rise and fall of the most important financial instrument in banking

The introduction of Asset Securitization, and its evolution over two decades, has had a profound impact on consumers and financial institutions as an innovative product and no doubt, it will continue to remain so. In the light of recent events it is clear that more and better regulatory approaches must be instituted in order to ensure that the original model and some of its innovative iterations reconstitute to the original power and value they provided.

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At the Epicenter: Where the Financial System Meets the Real Economy

In May 2008, Mr. Nechemia was interviewed by International Finance Magazine regarding his outlook for the global economy and the world’s financial systems. During this interview, he announced that he saw a systemic financial crisis brewing and warned that in the months to come the United States was likely to face a once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis, an oil shock, sharply declining consumer confidence and, ultimately, a deep recession.

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Regulatory arbitrage: Swirling in the eye of the Storm

The global financial crisis, which originated in the United States, still continues to plague the world’s economy. Many issues surrounding this crisis such as where it came from and how will our markets be restored also remain at the forefront of the attention. In the May of 2008, the chairman of Board of Director and permanent representative to United Nation, Mr.

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