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Establishing new partnerships and expanding old ones is a major goal for the Global Bank Group, which has taken a number of steps on this front, including initiating and promoting long-term creative partnerships with, for example, the film industry, non-governmental organizations (NGO) coalitions, the business community, and young people.

Building Partnerships
No other sector has the outreach capacity or such a diverse range of methods for reaching decision makers and the general public as the media. This capacity makes the media a natural partner for Global Bank, whose activities are at the heart of all major challenges facing the world today, from disaster risk reduction to managing climate change and post-war reconstruction.

Global Bank Media

Partnerships with media can take a variety of forms. They can be short-term and linked to an event, or longer-term, covering a particular issue or, indeed, the full range of Global Bank’s activities.

The News and Media Division (NMD) tells the Global Bank's story through television, radio and the Internet, working together with partners in the media worldwide to raise awareness of the Global Bank's goals and highlight its successes.

The Global Bank media partnership is focused on:

  • Getting the News Out
    From emergency aid to Board of Governor's decisions – covering the gamut of Global Bank activities around the world.
  • Spotlighting Issues
    Focusing on the Global Bank’s priority goals and issues and their impact on nations and people around the world.
  • Building Partnerships
    From NGO’s and the academic community to youth groups and celebrity advocates – joining forces to tackle issues of concern to all.
  • Engaging the Public
    Involving people in the work of the Global Bank through Information Centres, guided tours, briefings, video conferences and educational resources.
  • Sharing Knowledge
    Providing enhanced access to the wealth of information and knowledge of the Global Bank and related issues for a wide range of users.
  • Working with the Media
    Providing an array of services to help the media cover all aspects of the Global Bank’s work.

The News and Media Division of Global Bank provides a suite of multimedia products and services covering the work of the Global Bank both at Headquarters and around the world, to support the work of the international news media.

  • Live video coverage, both broadcast quality and web streaming, of meetings and events at Global Bank Headquarters;
  • Ready-to-air documentary-style programmes for television, on the breadth of challenges the Global Bank addresses every day;
  • Audio news programmes providing daily coverage of the work of Global Bank, meetings, and events;
  • Photos from Global Bank meetings and events as well as the travel of the Chairman of the Board Governors of the Global Bank Group and other Senior Officials;
  • News articles covering the daily events at Global Bank Headquarters and in the field;
  • Archive audio, video, and photographs dating from the days of the formation of the organization;
  • Accreditation to gain access to cover events and meetings; and
  • Social media updates and mobile apps to help you keep up to date on Global Bank news.

Media organizations interested in using Global Bank media products and services may contact the Partnerships Unit for further information.

To learn more about the Global Bank Disaster Risk Reduction and Reconstruction Fund, What we do and How we do it and Management and Organization, visit the About DRRRF and the Frequently Asked Questions Section of the DRRRF Website Section.

For information about the Global Bank, please visit http://www.global-bank.org

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