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Access to Information

Access to Information

The Global Bank consistently challenges itself to be as transparent as possible, and we’ve set a high global benchmark since 2014. As we work toward achieving our development goals, we rely on our stakeholders, partners, and citizens to use information and data to create and sustain inclusive societies.

Global Bank recognizes and endorses the fundamental importance of accountability and transparency in the development process. Accordingly, it is the Global Bank's policy to be open about its activities, to welcome input from affected communities, interested members of the public and business partners and to seek out opportunities to explain its work to the widest possible audience.

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As an organization entrusted with promoting the economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development of developed and developing courtiers, Global Bank wishes to stimulate debate and broaden understanding of economic and social development, to facilitate coordination with its partners, governments and other institutions, and to help create and nurture public support for activities which promote the economic and social progress of developed and developing countries. Experience has demonstrated that consultation and sharing of information with local communities affected by Global Bank-financed projects, as well as with cofinancers, partners, and groups and individuals with specialized knowledge of public and private sector development issues, helps to enhance the quality of Global Bank-financed operations.

  • As a development bank with an agenda driven by G-7/G-8 and G-20-priorities, its leading priority is to promote global economic and social development, Global Bank is accountable for its stewardship of public moneys and has an obligation to be responsive to its shareholders.
  • As a borrower, Global Bank has established that disclosure of information concerning its financial condition and policies, in addition to information it is required to publish, helps to attract purchasers of its securities.
  • As an employer, Global Bank aims to ensure that staff receive the information they need to carry out their responsibilities, to contribute to policy formulation and sound decision making, and to understand the reasons which underlie its policies and procedures.

Therefore, Global Bank’s approach to information about its activities embodies a presumption in favor of disclosure where disclosure would not materially harm the business and competitive interests of clients. Global Bank works to broaden the scope of information about its activities that it makes publicly available and to broaden the methods of dissemination of project-specific information, including that pertaining to environmental and social impacts, to locally affected people and other interested parties. To facilitate access, Global Bank makes certain information, primarily project-specific information, available through the Project Section of the Global Bank website. The Project Section serves as the central contact for persons seeking to obtain publicly available Global Bank documents. Global Bank, located at Global Bank Group headquarters, services the public primarily through the Internet.

In an effort to become more open and accountable to its wide range of stakeholders, Global Bank embarked on a mission in 2014 to make its projects and research more open and accessible. Recognizing the centrality of transparency and accountability to the development process, Global Bank committed to strengthening public ownership and oversight of Global Bank-financed operations. Since 2014, various milestones, both qualitative and quantitative, demonstrate the successful implementation of the Global Bank Policy on Access to Information (the Policy).

Providing Information on Request
In addition to the information that is available online, Global Bank responds directly to members of the public on their individual requests for information. Requests for an additional information may be submitted through the Global Bank’s online submission system or directed toward Global Bank country offices at the host country).

The Global Bank endeavors to respond to public access requests within 20 working days. The Policy recognizes that additional time may be needed for special circumstances, such as requests that are complex or that require consultation with internal or external parties.

Exercising the Prerogative to Disclose Restricted Information
Under the Global Bank Policy on Access to Information, the Global Bank reserves the right to disclose, under exceptional circumstances, certain restricted information if it determines that the overall benefit of disclosure outweighs the potential harm. The Global Bank Policy on Access to Information also establishes different levels of authority for exercising this prerogative, depending on the type of information restricted.

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For information about the Global Bank, please visit http://www.global-bank.org

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