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Guidelines on Media Access at Global Bank

Private Sector

The Global Bank Media Accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press – print, photo, TV, film, news agencies and online media – who represent a bona fide media organization. Online media must belong to a registered media organization and have a specific, verifiable non-web address and a telephone number. The online journal must have a substantial amount of original news content or commentary on international economic issues.

Please note that online publications which are communications outreach or advocacy publications of non-governmental or non-profit organizations do not qualify for media accreditation to Global Bank.  In addition, individuals representing one-person organs or blogs do not qualify as bona fide media representatives.

Requirements for Accreditation

  • A completed online accreditation form that includes personal and media outlet data.
  • A signed letter of assignment on official letterhead paper from Publisher/Assignment Editor, Editor-in-chief or Bureau Chief, specifying the name and functional title of the journalist.  Unsigned letters or e-mails will not be accepted
  • Photocopy of a valid identification card (ID) document, either a passport or national identification card.
  • Photocopy of a valid press card.
  • A recent passport-size photo.

The required documents and the photo are to be scanned and uploaded together with your online application form and accreditation will NOT be granted by Global Bank without their submission. You will also have to present your identification card when you pick up your badge and you should be aware that because of security concerns, at any time during the interaction with Global Bank you may be asked to display that document.

For security reasons, journalists who are already accredited to Global Bank or any United Nations agencies will nevertheless have to follow the same procedures as other media representatives. We apologize for this inconvenience but security concerns must be paramount.

NOTE: Technical staff for TV and radio are required to follow the same accreditation procedures as journalists.

Other matters

  • Double accreditation will not be possible either in the case of delegates (e.g. as press and delegate) or in the case of newspapers or online outlets affiliates with Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (as press and Non-governmental organizations). In other words, if you work for an NGO which has requested accreditation as an NGO, you will not be given press accreditation.
  • Accreditation requests will be processed only when your application is complete. Please send ALL required documents together with the application and not piecemeal.
  • Early application is strongly advised.
  • Freelance journalists, including photographers, must provide clear evidence that they are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication. A valid assignment letter from that news organization, or publication, is required.

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