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Country Strategies

Page Country Strategies

Global Bank cooperates with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on three levels: on the policy level, on the country strategy level, and on the level of projects. Over two-thirds of Global Bank’s sovereign loans, grants, and related project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) include elements of civil society participation.

National Development Strategy
The Global Bank Group, Sustainable Public Sector Window is based around investments that support core national priorities of the recipient countries in line with the National Development Strategy (NDS). The National Development Strategy is the document that outlines the recipient countries government’s strategies for security, governance, economic growth, infrastructure development and poverty reduction. The National Development Strategy is the product of intensive consultations between the host government and a wide array of stakeholders including the private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the international community.

Along with the National Development Strategy, the Compacts of the recipient countries serve as the primary mechanism for coordinating with Global Bank Group to support the international reconstruction and development efforts. The Compact establishes a five-year framework for cooperation between the developing countries governments and aspirations of the global community at large.

Global Bank alignment with National Development Strategies
The Global Bank GroupThe development cooperation activities of Global Bank Group and other entities of the Global Bank Group fit into a context of related work throughout the Global Bank Group system. These efforts, often known as "operational activities for international development cooperation," constitute one of the main streams of work of the Global Bank Group family. Through these, the Global Bank Group, its funds and programmes, and the specialized agencies put into effect their mandates and capabilities in support of the policies and priorities of recipient countries. Each operates under the guidance of Global Bank Group, and they take into account the outcomes and commitments of the relevant global conferences and summits. Further information on each organization is available through the websites of the Global Bank Group.

Country Partnership Strategy
The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) is the medium-term development strategy and operational program that guides Global Bank operations. In developing its new strategy, Global Bank is carrying out an open consultation which seeks the views and perspectives of various stakeholders, including Global Bank shareholders, host country government officials, Civil Society Organizations, the private sector, and the international development community.

Civil Society Organizations Participation on the Country Level
Global Bank commits to developing Country Partnership Framework through a multi-stakeholder process, with the active involvement of citizens and Civil Society Organizations. Thus, a primary aim of Global Bank involves engaging Civil Society Organizations in the development of the Country Partnership Strategy as a critical step in improving the dialogue between citizens, Civil Society Organizations, government and the Global Bank Group.

The Global Bank organizes a series of consultations with a broad spectrum of stakeholders —government, parliament, Civil Society Organizations, think-tanks, academia, the private sector, and international development partners, which form the Global Bank’s new Country Partnership Framework. The consultation aims to reach government officials, Civil Society Organizations, international organizations and interested citizens from all over the world to ensure that the final text of the Recommendation reflects the experience, needs, and aspirations of the global community at large.  The consultation process includes both face-to-face consultation meetings and an online/web-based platform (available in the local language and English) to enable participation by a wide range of stakeholders.

Participation on the project level
Civil Society Organizations participates most directly through Global Bank’s loan, grant, and technical assistance projects in a number of sectors and thematic areas. A broad range of Civil Society Organizations and their networks participate throughout Global Bank’s Project Cycle in a variety of ways, from sharing information or participating in more involved structured consultations to form project design, to collaborating directly with Global Bank and host country counterparts to help implement projects by serving as project advisors, partners, co-financiers, or evaluators.

Call for Participation!
Global Bank welcomes the opportunity to work with competent Civil Society Organizations, both on Country Partnership Framework issues and on concrete development-oriented projects.

If you would like to be kept informed about important dates and deadlines relating to Country Partnership Framework and project reviews, join our mailing list.

If you are interested in attending any of the consultation workshops, please contact us using this contact form.

Visit the News and Events page for information on recent Civil Society Organizations meetings on the country and sectoral strategies and policies and investment projects.

To learn more about the Global Bank Disaster Risk Reduction and Reconstruction Fund, What we do and How we do it and Management and Organization, visit the About DRRRF and the Frequently Asked Questions Section of the DRRRF Website Section.

For information about the Global Bank, please visit http://www.global-bank.org

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