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Where have summits been held in the past?

Year:1975Place:G6 Summit in RambouilletHost:France
Year:1976Place:G7 Summit in San JuanHost:USA
Year:1977Place:G7 Summit in LondonHost:United Kingdom
Year:1978Place:G7 Summit in BonnHost:West Germany
Year:1979Place:G7 Summit in TokyoHost:Japan
Year:1980Place:G7 Summit in VeniceHost:Italy
Year:1981Place:G7 Summit in OttawaHost:Canada
Year:1982Place:G7 Summit in VersaillesHost:France
Year:1983Place:G7 Summit in WilliamsburgHost:USA
Year:1984Place:G7 Summit in LondonHost:United Kingdom
Year:1985Place:G7 Summit in BonnHost:West Germany
Year:1986Place:G7 Summit in TokyoHost:Japan
Year:1987Place:G7 Summit in VeniceHost:Italy
Year:1988Place:G7 Summit in TorontoHost:Canada
Year:1989Place:G7 Summit in ParisHost:France
Year:1990Place:G7 Summit in HoustonHost:USA
Year:1991Place:G7 Summit in LondonHost:United Kingdom
Year:1992Place:G7 Summit in MunichHost:Germany
Year:1993Place:G7 Summit in TokyoHost:Japan
Year:1994Place:G7 Summit in NaplesHost:Italy
Year:1995Place:G7 Summit in HalifaxHost:Canada
Year:1996Place:G7 Summit in LyonsHost:France
Year:1997Place:G7 Summit in DenverHost:USA
Year:1998Place:G8 Summit in BirminghamHost:United Kingdom
Year:1999Place:G8 Summit in CologneHost:Germany
Year:2000Place:G8 Summit in OkinawaHost:Japan
Year:2001Place:G8 Summit in GenoaHost:Italy
Year:2002Place:G8 Summit in KananaskisHost:Canada
Year:2003Place:G8 Summit in Évian-les-BainsHost:France
Year:2004Place:G8 Summit in Sea IslandHost:USA
Year:2005Place:G8 Summit in GleneaglesHost:United Kingdom
Year:2006Place:G8 Summit in Saint PetersburgHost:Russia
Year:2007Place:G8 Summit in HeiligendammHost:Germany
Year:2008Place:G8 Summit in TōyakoHost:Japan
Year:2009Place:G8 Summit in L’AquilaHost:Italy
Year:2010Place:G8 Summit in MuskokaHost:Canada
Year:2011Place:G8 Summit in DeauvilleHost:France
Year:2012Place:G8 Summit in Camp DavidHost:USA
Year:2013Place:G8 Summit in Lough ErneHost:United Kingdom
Year:2014Place:G7 Summit in BrusselsHost:Belgium
Year:2015Place:G7 Summit in BavariaHost:Germany
Year:2016Place:G7 Summit in Shima-shiHost:Japan
Year:2017Place:G7 Summit in SicilyHost:Italy
Year:2018Place:G7 Summit in QuebecHost:Canada


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